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Proudly Serving Our Growers Since 1948

The mission of Ivanhoe Irrigation District is to provide a reliable supply of irrigation water for the maximum benefit of its land owners in a fiscally responsible manner.

The Ivanhoe Irrigation District is located in the Kaweah River Basin and supplies irrigation water to nearly 11,000 acres of farmland in Tulare County. Ivanhoe Irrigation District is under contract with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation as part of the Central Valley Project. In addition, the District is a part of the South Valley Water Association, a consortium of nine irrigation districts that collaborate on issues facing the Central Valley Project and water users throughout the 400,000 acres represented by the Association. With a board of seven Directors, General Manager, and a hard working staff, Ivanhoe Irrigation District works hard to provide water delivery in a fiscally responsible manner to best serve our Growers.

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